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About the New York Buyers' Club

Founded in 2004, the New York Buyers' Club is a not-for-profit*, membership-driven, cooperative organization, providing crucial access to – and information about– beneficial supplements (nutritional, herbal, homeopathic, etc.) to the New York metropolitan community and beyond.

Our goal is to increase both the awareness and the affordability of these beneficial supplements so that those in need can get the treatments they require and desire to tend to their own well-being -- and to provide access to effective options that are often overlooked in traditional (usually extremely expensive) prescription "cocktails."

We offer fairly-priced alternatives to retail stores and online shops, and try to provide as much information as possible on the supplements we procure. While our organization is primarily focused on the needs of HIV/AIDS and/or Hepatitis-affected members, those with cancer, Alzheimer's Disease, and other chronic diseases (as well as the general public) can surely benefit from our resources as well (see the NYBC Mission Statement).

As a not-for-profit organization*, we rely on our members' collective purchasing power - as well as charitable donations - to keep us alive and well. You can make a donation is support of our efforts here. You don't have to be a member of the New York Buyers' Club to reap the benefits of donating at any level: the reward is in knowing that you are helping to build a healthier, happier community.

We are currently fulfilling orders via mail order from our headquarters at One Hudson Square in Manhattan, and have partnered with GMHC's Nutrition and Wellness program to become even more accessible. As our organization grows, so shall we grow to meet our members' needs.


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Becoming a Member...

By becoming a member of the New York Buyers’ Club, you join a growing community of people empowering themselves and others through informed choices - and gain access to substantial savings in our New York Buyers Club Members Store, where you will find a wide array of nutritional supplements, ranging from multivitamins and antioxidants to botanical extracts – all at extremely affordable prices.

We also offer something you won’t find at any vitamin chain store or “click-and-mortar” megastore: expert advice – over 15 years experience connecting people with beneficial alternative and complementary therapies, including options often overlooked or ignored in traditional Western formularies.

Membership plans are based on a sliding scale - choose a membership option that's right for you. Lifetime memberships are also available - and make a thoughtful gift. Memberships can be added to your first order from our online store during checkout, and paying annual dues is just as easy.

Support the NYBC: Donate Today!

The New York Buyers' Club needs your help in it continuing mission to provide information about and access to nutritional supplements for all. All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law (details above). You can make an immediate online donation now,via our secure server, or review donation options. We thank you for your support!

*As of December 4, 2006, NYBC is officially a 501(c)(3) organization. Documentation is provided below. We thank FIAR - the Foundation for Integrative AIDS Reserach - for their invaluable support during the organization's fledgling period.

Confirmation letter of NYBC's 501(c)(3) status from the Internal Revenue Service.