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SUPPLEMENT: Newsletter of The New York Buyers’ Club is published quarterly both in print and here on our website - both editions are free of charge. SUPPLEMENT features articles focusing on current items of interest in the world of nutritional supplements (usually related to HIV, Hep C, and related conditions), brief reviews of individual supplements and their uses, information about new products available from the NYBC Members Store, and upcoming NYBC education and outreach events. Click here for the latest edition of SUPPLEMENT.

NYBC Self-Care Guide

We would also like to draw your attention to the content available in two great NYBC originals available for free download. The NYBC Self-Care Guide covers topics on wellness ranging from nutrition to meditation, while the New York Buyers' Club Catalog and Treatment Guide details our entire inventory of supplements and explains, in depth, their recommended uses.

New York Buyers' Club Catalog and Treatment Guide
The following is a mini-library of dossiers that cover a wide range of common symptoms and side effects of HIV and HIV meds. In them you will find detailed information on the potential causes of these conditions and how to treat them with a CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) approach, along with information about drug and other treatments. Many offer protocols (recommended regimens) that were developed, along with the original volume from which these information sheets have been extracted, by NYBC's predecessor, DAAIR (Direct Action AIDS Information Resources). They have been recently reviewed and updated by NYBC's Treatment Director, George Carter. This is an evolving process so stay tuned for updates!

Note: the sale of the following books, recommended by NYBC staff and members,
helps support the New York Buyers' Club and its mission.

Healing HIV:
How to Rebuild Your
Immune System
Written by Dr. Jon Kaiser,
creator of the popular K-Pax
micronutrient formulary.

Built to Survive:
A Comprehensive Guide
to the Medical Use of
Anabolic Steroids, Nutrition and
Exercise for HIV (+)
Men and Women

The First Year--HIV:
An Essential Guide for
the Newly Diagnosed

by Brett Grodeck

HIV Drug Book:
Revised and Updated
Second Edition

From Project Inform comes this
comprehensive illustrated guide
to the most widely used
HIV/AIDS treaments.

Prescription for Nutritional
Healing, 4th Edition:
A Practical A-to-Z Reference
to Drug-Free Remedies
Using Vitamins, Minerals,
Herbs & Food Supplements

by Phyllis A. Balch

The Guide to
Living with HIV Infection
Developed at the
Johns Hopkins
AIDS Clinic

Bach Flower Therapy:
Theory and Practice
by Mechthild Scheffer

Nutrition and HIV:
A New Model for Treatment

by Mary M.D. Romeyn

Prescription for Herbal Healing:
An Easy-to-Use A-Z Reference
to Hundreds of Common Disorders
and Their Herbal Remedies

by Phyllis A. Balch

Cooking for Life:
A Guide to Nutrition and
Food Safety for the
HIV-Positive Community
by Robert H. Lehmann

Eating Positive:
A Nutrition Guide and Recipe
Book for People with HIV/AIDS
by Jeffrey T. Huber

A Woman's Guide to
Living with HIV Infection
by Rebecca A. Clark,
Robert T.Maupin Jr.,
Jill Hayes Hammer