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SUPPLEMENT: Newsletter of the New York Buyers' Club features articles focusing on current items of interest in the world of nutritional supplements (usually related to HIV, Hep C, and related conditions), brief reviews of individual supplements and their uses, information about new products available from the NYBC Members Store, and much more..

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Issue No.19...

Issue No.19, Spring 2011:
The swan song for
our "print" edition

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New @ NYBC for Spring 2011
New & noteworthy products on our shelves
For Your Peace of Mind...
Recent research on supplements for memory, cognition, and other neurological functions
Something to Ease Your Mind - and Wallet
Introducing NYBC's MindPower - an affordable "UltraMind" alternative
Aging With HIV
Unique health concerns can arise – even when meds keep the virus “undetectable”
Popular TCM Formulas Now
"Members Only" at NYBC

Including popular products from NY's Dr. Zhang
MAC Pack & Opti-MAC Pack:
Low-Cost Alternatives To K-PAX
Our best selling regimen stands up to K-PAX - at less than half the price!

FALL 2010

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SUPPLEMENTS & REGULATIONS: An In-depth Analysis of the
State of the Laws Governing Nutritional Supplements

5 Good Things to Know About Multivtamins

Review: Mayo Clinic Guide to Alternative Medicine 2011

An Evening with Nelson Vergel - A Recap of
"SURVIVOR WISDOM: Advances in Managing Side Effects, Living Well, and Aging with HIV"
at CUNY, November 9, 2010


Liver Health Basics and
How the Liver Gets Sick

Western and Eastern Approaches
to Liver Care

How do I Know if My Regimen
is Working?

This special guide to liver health prepared by NYBC Treatment Director George M. Carter, who, as a longtime hepatitis C survivor, offers his own personal perspectives, as well as insights culled from his years of work studying chronic conditions and alternative and complementary therapies for them.

SUPPLEMENT #1 Sep / Oct 2005
The Truth About
Whey Protein
SUPPLEMENT #6 Fall 2006
NYBC Relocates Operations,
Dietary Supplements and Depression,
Traditional Chinese Medicine in the U.S.,
New @ NYBC: New Products Preview
SUPPLEMENT #11 Summer 2008
Many Ways to Love Your Liver
The Lowdown on Lipodystrophy
Book Review: Supplement Your Prescription
NYBC Product Update
SUPPLEMENT #2 Nov / Dec 2005
The Centre in Zimbabwe,
Saaccharomyces Boulardii:
the "Friendly" Yeast,

L-Carnitine & Acetyl-Carnitine,
Multivitmin Controversy:
Could They Be Bad for You?
SUPPLEMENT #7 Winter 2007
Resveratrol: Small Molecule,
Big Promise?
Selenium Surprises Scientists as
Safe, Effective & Cheap HIV Therapy
Supplement Briefs: B3/Niacin, D3, CoQ10,
Carotenoids, Theanine...
SUPPLEMENT #12 Fall 2008
Cardiovascular Heart-to-Heart
Ginko Biloba: Old Tree, New Tricks
Review of the 17th Intl HIV/AIDS Conference
Parkinsons/ALA Study Announced
Gifts Available from Friends of NYBC
SUPPLEMENT #3 Jan / Feb 2006
Controlling Diabetes,
HIV and Bone Issues
2006 Arrivals at NYBC,
Bach Flower Remedies,
Positive Choices: An Upward Spiral
SUPPLEMENT #8 Summer 2007
Probiotics Come of Age
Supplements to Put Your Mind at Ease
Herbs for HIV: Spring Break Released
Summer Stock at NYBC - Product Update
SUPPLEMENT #13 Winter 2009
Honing Your Gut Instinct - NYBC's Quick Guide
to Gastrointestinal Health
Epidemiological Paradoxes!
Don't Worry, Be Happy (Supplements for Relaxation)
SUPPLEMENT #4 Mar / Apr 2006
NYBC Releases Self-Care Guide,
NYBC Past, Present & Future,
CROI 13 Report,
Researching & Regulating
Dietary Supplements
SUPPLEMENT #9 Fall 2008
Mac Pack: NYBC's Low-cost K-PAX Alternative
When FDA Meds Stumble
Supplement Spotlight: Hepatoplex, Creatine,
CLA, and PharmaNAC
NYBC Joins the Blogosphere!
SUPPLEMENT #5 May /Jun 2006
The Virtues of Vitamin C,
CoQ10 Heart to Heart,
George M. Carter's UNGASS Report,
Kidney Disease on the Rise,
Supercomputing for a Cure
Winter/Spring 2008
Can Supplements Reduce Cancer Risk?
ThiolNAC Returns!
NYBC Wecomes Boston Buyers Club
Spring Arrivals
Times Got You Down?
Herbs for HIV II: ViraPhyte Arrives

Fall 2009
Special Edition:

"HIV Medication Side Effects
and Possible Solutions"

SPECIAL EDITION: "HIV Medication Side Effects & Possible Solutions"

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SUPPLEMENT: Newsletter of The New York Buyers’ Club
Editor: Jared Becker • Designer: Sean-Michael Fleming
Contributing Editors: George M. Carter, Jared Becker